Vic Matiè


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Veronique Branquinho
Located in Marches, a traditionally industrial region of Italy, the Vic Matié showroom is situated in the ancient brickworks of Serra dei Conti. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Vic Matié’s creative director Silvia Curzi (pictured above) about her modern, yet timeless creations, how Italian design has inspired her, and how Vic Matié’s Serra dei Conti home came to be. "Our creations are really in fact 100% Italian from the very initial idea of the shoe’s creation until the moment of its concrete manufacture and delivery to the customer, with all the quality knowledge and the know-how this implies; the ”Italianity” is a kind of a “perfume“ the product exhales; a sort of alchemy of the parts melting into a creation of a special allure, which deals with our culture, the places where we live and with the air we are breathing." [Silvia Curzi, creaitive designer of Vic Matiè]



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Written by: Giulia