"UMASAN creates avant-garde ‘feel-good’ fashion with innovative vegan fabrics, and sophisticated Japanese cutting technique

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UMASAN: it is our promise not to use any animal products, concentrate on humane/ecological production solutions and choose our fabrics through the eyes of sustainability and earth consciousness. This focus is deeply intertwined with our esthetic language that is focused on form and function staying close to the world of anatomy and kinesiology to create the UMASAN language. Not using animal products means that we are creating UMASAN products without the use of wool, cashmere, leather and fur. Our collection is deeply inspired by Traditional Yoga philosophies. The first yama is AHIMSA: Ahimsa is the first of five yamas (yoga laws), or restraints, in the eight-fold path of yoga. The yamas are meant as guide lines - leading our actions and interactions with the world around us. Ahimsa is translated as “non-violence”, “non-injury”, or “non-harming”. Ahimsa is widely considered to be the foundation of the practitioner’s yogic path. UMASAN is creating calmness within the madness of the fashion world and it’s ever evolving market insecurities. No color explosions, fabric overload or unnecessary trend back and forth! Umasan is looking for balance and timelessness opposing industry standards. SLOWING DOWN!!! - UMASANS main standard and philosophy.

UMASAN creates this avant-garde ‘feel-good’ fashion with innovative vegan fabrics like SeaCell (seaweeds), MicroModal (beech wood) and TENCEL (eucalyptus wood) and more. In symbiosis, UMASAN uses new shapes which are adjusted to the anatomy and kinesiology of the human being, based on the sophisticated Japanese cutting technique.

Anja and Sandra Umann are identical twins who are identically fascinated with the world of art, literature, eastern philosophy, traditional yoga and a higher consciousness. While Anja Umann went on to study Fashion Design to become a designer in the high end avant-garde world of fashion, working successfully for Strenesse, Wunderkind and most impressively Yohji Yamamoto in Paris and Tokyo – Sandra Umann decided to follow her passion for visual Art and Media and became a well known photographer (published in Vogue, Gala, Bunte and many more) working as an artistic/creative director for many forward thinking global projects.

The brand UMASAN is much more than fashion, it is their world, dedicated towards all things esthetic, sustainable, vegan and mindful. “Our demand and at the same time our motivation was to create something new which goes far beyond the production of clothing and establishment of a fashion brand. As innovation in the fashion industry also means to correct luxury mistakes, to re-define collective values and to increase individual values. This was reason enough for us to found UMASAN in 2010.“

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Written by: Riccardo