Ter Et Bantine Resort Spring Summer 2014 collection


Now available @guyafirenze.com THE NEW RESORT COLLECTION S/S 2014

Manuela Arcari - Ter et Bantine

"... Manuela Arcari is a pragmatic dreamer looking at the world around her, with a quality not usually associated with fashion design: dignity..."

Ter et Bantine is a style–reductionist concrete and cerebral, pure, subtle. Manuela Arcari looks at the world around her and condenses her observations in a sign retaining a quality not usually associated with fashion design: dignity. She designs for a woman who is real, not fictional, living real-life, concrete situations. For this polymorphous character, Manuela creates clothing that erases pre-conceived distinctions. Design is controlled but not monastic; pureness, sometimes, opens up to decorative abandon, in a new way. The tone is assertive, but not oppressive; severity includes grace, femininity has the dry anti-romanticism of masculinity. Mother of two children, she defines Ter Et Bantine her “third child”.“...attempting to describe oneself and relating the details and episodes of the track followed is like making the most merciless decision, the harshest confession and the most invasive self-analysis. I feel I can do it today and I consider this an important goal. I feel stronger and find I can define the principles of my life..."

Photo & info credits: guyafirenze.com
Written by: Giulia