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" y a d’abord Sonia Rykiel, elle a créé l’univers, avec un pull, pour elle. Un pull que tout le monde s’arrache, et une première boutique, rue de Grenelle en 1968"

In the beginning is Sonia Rykiel. With just a jumper, she creates the universe and though just for her, everybody wants a piece. So a first boutique is opened on Rue de Grenelle, in 1968, the year of revolution and the year in which the very face of fashion would be transformed by Sonia herself. The eye of the tornado presides over Saint-Germain-des-Prés, its cerebral, sensual females and singular spirit illuminating all of Paris. A basic desire-become-slogan: refuse the ordinary, the expected, the known. And so she experiments, and thus she innovates and invents. As for her signature, Women’s Wear Daily proclaims her "Queen of Knits", in 1970. The Rykiel woman commands your attention, but gradually and without particular effort, of course. The Rykiel woman knows to what extent seduction lies in surprise. She’s a woman who loses the habits of her day and breaks with its conventions, turning smilingly from all norms in vogue. She’s mischievous, intelligent, impertinent and not least, sexy. A woman in the form of a universe. Before our eyes, the universe is born. A collection for Les Trois Suisses in 1977 brings fashion closer to all women before, in no time at all, a children’s line, a range of perfumes, a line for the home and boutiques just about everywhere. 1989 sees the creation of the second major brand of the universe, Sonia By. And in a frenzy of creative energy Sonia completes novels, follows collaboration with unexpected collaboration, always broadening the frontiers Then there is Nathalie. Daughter, model, runway producer extraordinaire and author of a string of radical ventures, she inherits the presidency of SONIA RYKIEL in 2007. Through her, the Rykiel woman shines on, aflame with desire. Quite matter of factly, she thrusts the sex-toy aboard the shelves of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, issues new lines, collaborates with H&M and treats her mother to a spectacular anniversary runway show, inviting 30 designers to pay homage to our beloved redhead. Come 2012 and the certain intention to push even further. Take note! As the Boulevard Saint-Germain stretches out around the globe and the Rykiel universe swells, the Rykiel woman will remain the same. That’s to say, unpredictable, always there where she’s least expected with a trick or two up her sleeve. And indeed today, she finds herself conceived by a man, Geraldo da Conceiçao. For in the fitting words of Nathalie Rykiel:
“Talent has no gender”
SS 2014 Paris

Sonia Rykiel SS 2014 women collection show, Paris

Sonia Rykiel SS 2014 women collection show, Paris

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