Fausto Santini, advertising poster


Fausto Santini SS 2013

"Fausto Santini has always been interested in relationship between Architecture and Design. Each and every item is project: an evolutive challenge in order to create a pair of shoes or a bag, which will be more than an accessory..."

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Fausto Santini SS2013 
colection For Fausto Santini, designing doesn't mean only to show his creativity. His true work connects the up-coming fashion movement and contacts with modern art in an incredible research. To carry on with the perfection of his image, he enthusiastically brings into play comparing and teaming up with great architects and designers.

He was born in Rome. After finishing high school, he graduated in law. He has been practising as a lawyer for a short period, however at the same time, his interest grew in art and design which he studied, gained knowledge of, and interpreted while travelling around Europe. His father Giacomo owned a shoe shop in Rome. Loving his job as a craftsman, and being a person of great experience, he transmitted such passion to his son Fausto who started as an apprentice beside his father.
In 1971 Fausto Santini S.r.l. Commercial Enterprise was born with its first boutique in Rome, Via Frattina, which marks a landmark in the revolution of the shoe industry creating a new image in stylism and display. In 1979 it begins a trading diffusion policy all over the worl, starting from the opening of the boutique in Paris at Saint Germain, Rue Du Cherche Midi as well as the marketing of its products by selling in the fairs of Milan Düsseldorf and Paris. The geometric and astetic lines aquired by Fausto Santini in designing his shoes and bags show his inclination towards the Art of Architecture.

That's why during his free time Santini loves studying Contemporary Art and Modern Architecture keeping most of his attention for “Surrealismo painting” and great architects of the past like Adolf Loos, Wagner, or the '60 and '70 like Aldo Rossi.
His final goal is to create “accessories not accessories”, something like shoes or bags that make your look apart from your clothes. Each and every item is project: an evolutive challenge in order to create a pair of shoes or a bag, which will be more than an accessory. He creates models towards points and lines even if he does not make buildings. Once the image of Fausto Santini is done, the cultural game starts chosing new Architects which could give a new look by the:
“urban course of Aldo Rossi” the poetical figures of Andrea Branzi and by “the minimal Architectures of Antonio Citterio”.

Photo & info credits: guyafirenze.com, faustosantini.com
Written by: Riccardo