Please refers to these Frequently Asked Questions.
If you don't find anything helpful and need to ask please contact us at

  • Where can I enter my PROMO Code?

 You can follow these instructions: payment procedure page.

  • Do you ship for FREE?

YES, we do! We can now offer our customers FREE Shipping for multiple destinations. Check out here for references: shipping

  • I don't like to buy using PayPal account: how can I use my credit card?

GuyaFirenze accepts most of the credit cards around using PayPal as payments gateway. You can use your own credit card (VISA, MasterCard, etc) skipping PayPal account at checkout. Select your Country and your language will be set automatically.

  • Shipping rates and Returns Policy have been recently changed in your website?

Yes, we try to make our best effort and we can now offer better rates on whole world shipping. See our shipping page and "Refund policy" for details.

  • I have just purchased an item and done the checkout: why do not I see shipping costs added in the checkout page? I can see it only later.

As defined in the 'SHIPPING' section, we need to know where to deliver purchased items before. Shipping costs are calculated and added to items prices by destination's Country.

  • I just placed an order with discounted items. What price will appear on my invoice?

For orders with discounted items, the discounted prices will appear on the invoice.

  • How can I receive up-to-date information regarding promotions, sales, events and your latest collections?

If you create an account @ Guyafirenze you will receive our newsletters and information regarding all the latest sales, promotions, events and everything regarding GUYA stores. Otherwise, you can subscribe our newsletter.

  • I am a new client and I placed my order some days ago. When will you ship?

We ship purchased items from 9,00 am to 17,00 pm orders received from Monday to Friday until 15,00pm. Orders received after 15,00 pm will be processed the following working day. Orders received during weekend, will be processed the following Monday.

  • Can you place a lower amount on the invoice or declare the order as a gift?

We cannot place a lower value or declare the order as a gift. According to laws that regulate trade and commerce, all GUYA orders are required to be shipped with an official invoice that declares each items' value.

  • What are the shipping fees for European Countries?

Please refer to our shipping page for details; DHL EXPRESS SHIPMENT fees are calculated by "zones".

  • Your prices on the web site are in Euro. How can I convert those prices to my currency to get an idea of how much I am paying with my credit card?
    Please visit the website where you can insert the Euro amount and get an approximate equivalent in your country's currency (we can not guarantee an exact exchange as the currency fluctuates throughout each day).
  • A friend of mine and I bought the same item on two different days, my credit card has been charged a different price than the other. Why?

Every day the currency fluctuates. Maybe the Euro against your currency was different when your friend placed the order and thus their order was "charged different" in your local currency.

  • I saw an item yesterday on line and today it does not appear anymore. Is the item available?

Unfortunately it is not. If the item was on the site yesterday and gone today, it was purchased and is no longer in stock.

  • If the item does not appear on your web site, is it still available in your stores?

No, unfortunately it doesn't. Our web site is a branch of our 'brick and mortar' boutique. Every item on the website is what is available in stock. Otherwise you can contact customercare for details.

  • On the web site you have 'Collections' that are currently in your stores and 'Collections' from the previous season. I saw an item that I wanted in a size that is not available. Can you order me that size?

No, unfortunately we can't. Our buyers place our orders two seasons in advance and unfortunately we cannot place orders for individual items.

  • Do you ship to Asia / North America / Australia / South America / Africa?;

Yes. GUYA ships Worldwide with DHL. See our shipping page for specific rates to your country.

  • How can I be updated about my order's status?

Once your order has been processed, you'll receive via eamil a tracking number code. You'll so be able to follow your order. If for any reason you are not able to do that, or you haven't your tracking number, please contact Us at with your data, the order placed, your shipping address and order number received with bank confirmation.

  • Which forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment with verified PayPal accounts and most major cards (via PayPal gateway but without needing a PayPal account): Visa, American Express, Discover, Maestro, MasterCard.

  • I do not like to use my credit card for internet purchases. Do you have any alternative method of payment?

Yes, we do. We accept Bank Wire Transfer.
Please write us an E-mail at with the items you are interested in, your first and last name, your shipping address and telephone number. You will receive a confirmation E-mail with the availability of the merchandise, the final total amount, the bank details for the wire transfer.
As soon as we will receive your e-mail, your order will be kept for you. Please remember that it takes 5-7 business days for this Bank operation. 

  • I have just received my order and the item is too small. Can I exchange it for a larger one?

Yes, you can. Please first read carefully our "Terms and Conditions" here and our "Refund policy" here If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your order, the unused, unwashed and unworn items can be returned within 10 days from the delivery date. Please note that you are responsible to pay import fees and any duty charges and, if outside Italy shipment fee of the returned item. Guyafirenze will ship back to you the correct size item FREE of charge.

  • I just received my order and I am not satisfied. Can I have a refund?

Yes, you can. Please first read carefully our "Terms and Conditions" here and our "Refund policy" here If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your order, the unused, unwashed and unworn items, with it's green seale unopened or unbroken, with it's delivering package, can be returned within 10 days from the delivery date. Please note that you are responsible to pay import fees and any duty charges and, if outside Italy, shipment fee of the returned item.

  • There is a defect in my ordered item (or I received the wrong items). How can I return these?

If, for any reason, there is a defect in the items or an error in the order due to GUYA's fault, please contact You will receive instructions on how to return the item. All costs involving shipping or duties taxes will be paid by GUYA as well as the shipment of the corrected item.

  • I am not sure about the size I would like to purchase. Where can I see a size chart?

You can find a link to a size chart on all product pages underneath the "Add to cart" button, like this page.

  • I've just seen an item 'available in pre-order': what does it mean?

These items are available for sale on the website and will be available for actual shipment from the date written in the description.

  • I've just bought an item 'available in pre-order': when am I going to receive it?

All our listings for pre-order items include an expected delivery date. However pre-order items may not meet the initial estimated delivery date. Should this case happen, we will change the expected delivery date upon receiving notice from the brand.

  • I've just bought two items: one 'available in pre-order' and the other available now: when am I going to receive it?

Should you place an order consisting of both a regular and a pre-order product, you will be receiving two separate shipments. The first package will include all your regular products. The second package, which will come at a later date, will include your pre-order product.

  • I've just bought an item 'available in pre-order' with my crdit card/PayPal account: when am I going to be charged for it?

Your credit card has been charged immediately after order confirmation: you'll receive it within the end of the month written in the description.